The Profile

PT. IRODA MITRA (Iroda) is a private national company and wholly owned and fully controlled by the Maramis family with several business concentrations such as telecommunication, building material, mining, trading, and others. As a holding company, most of the company income is non-recurring income generated from investment portfolio, dividends and fees, where some part is generated from investment income.

Occasionally, the Company also manages to obtain numbers of contract/project either with Government or other private sector mostly in the area infrastructure. Thanks to Mr. Hans Maramis, the lead owner who actively manages Iroda from the beginning with his entrepreneurial skill and excellent business networking, both from overseas as well as domestically. During his leadership, Iroda has been successfully involved in partnership with more than a few big multinational companies such as Arianespace, Saint Gobain Weber, Kimberly Clark, Marubeni, Colas Rail, Vivendi, Generale Des Eaux, Loral Space, Alhstom, Pratt and Whitney and many others.

Iroda was established in Jakarta by virtue of Notarial deed no. 186 dated January 18th, 1983 drawn by Ridwan Suselo, SH. The Deed of Establishment was approved by the Ministry of Justice in its Decisions Letter No. C2-1131.HT.01.01.th84 dated November 15th, 1985 and was published in the State Gazette no. 92 and supplement no. 1411/1985.

With the total asset of the group nearly USD 100 million, currently Iroda is positioning itself as a holding and investment company that owns several subsidiaries and affiliates. Being a local company, Iroda capitalized this industry by combining its local expertise in government relation and operational management with foreign investment capital and expertise consisting of some qualified personnel. Several investments in various sectors are also diversified in its subsidiaries.