The Management


Hans Maramis

Hans Maramis


As a president director of Iroda, Mr. Hans Maramis has led a team of experts in the investment, and to manage and monitor the investment on periodical basis.

His educational background in mining faculty from Bandung Institute of Technology has brought himself to exist in the particular sector where he successfully involved in this business as well as its’ community. The strength of his excellent networking and negotiation have always been the key success factor of his entrepreneurship where he managed to earn trust from his overseas partner in various sector such as paper industry, property, telecommunication, energy and infrastructure.

He managed to represent numbers of multinational company from United States, France, Germany, Italy and also Japan. He is also completely equipped with intelligent vision and sharp business sense in leading his management team especially during difficult business situation.

Mirza Whibowo Soenarto

Mirza Whibowo Soenarto

Chief Executive Officer

Mirza W. Soenarto is responsible for all investment under Iroda group and holds several commissioner positions in Iroda’s subsidiaries.

He is also actively involved in numerous project developments with Iroda for over the past eight years. He completed his Master of Arts program in International Finance from University of San Francisco, Business Administration Program at UC Berkeley Extension and graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from Trisakti University in Jakarta. Before joined Iroda group, he has fifteen years experience in banking, investment and financial roles, with focus on financial planning and investment management. During his working experience in one of foreign Bank, he managed to play an important role in the Multinational Corporate Banking Division. He then moved to Iroda group where he took important role in major fund raising project, debt restructuring project, merger and acquisition within the group and alliances and also highly involved in government infrastructure related project with Iroda’s foreign partner.

He had also experience working as investment consultancy project with several big five securities, SME’s business in investment strategy and was extensively involved in arranging various debt restructuring from IBRA.

David Maramis

David Maramis

Chief Operating Officer

David Maramis is the last generation of Maramis’s family. He is now intensively attached to continue the business of the family. Since junior high school, David was prepared to obtain formal education overseas.

He attended school in Singapore and then continued his study abroad in the United States.

His inter personal skill and management has always been his strength to manage his day-to-day operational of the company as well as developing a long-term business under the support of the whole family.