Since its inception in 1983, PT. Iroda Mitra has focused on the development of infrastructure projects in Indonesia in which challenging efforts should highly be performed accordingly. As the development of infrastructure projects in Indonesia keeps going, it should be regarded as business opportunity, where we involve professionals to deal with. As local partner company, we ought to meet the necessity of the country for the benefits of all.

As reliable & reputable local partner for foreign companies, which invested their capital in Indonesia, PT Iroda Mitra should perform its qualification and work hard with full strength. Seeing the fact that infrastructure projects in Indonesia keeps developing , PT Iroda Mitra need to expand and plays its important role in this field of business. Through the years, hand in hand with foreign companies, we keep stepping forward in this field. Mutual successes for mutual benefits should be laid down in order to guarantee long-term business in this country.

Understanding that this business is also an art, and parallel with our vision and mission, severe diversification through potential field of  business shall be conducted. All is aimed at expanding the national growth and development.

Today, with our vast and extensive experience, it is really a great success if we want to look back on what have been accomplished. Our expanding portfolios of subsidiaries and divisions have more positioned PT Iroda Mitra as a company with professional excellence and international acclaim. Our latest venture through the setting up of multi-dimensional division will certainly result in further successes of our business.

All the achievable successes constitute the realization of our vision and mission, and it is therefore that the commitment to achieve our goals has highly been proven. Again, all the successes are thanks to the continuous support of professionals and dedicated management team in which extensive experience in various fields are well organized. It should be very understandable that human resources are the key factor for our success and achievements. They are very convinced that our company will keep stepping forward and becomes a very significant element in the development of this country in the future.

Be inspired with our achievement, axtensive experience, and abundant support from stakeholders through diversification and continuous consolidation of our solid business interest, PT Iroda Mitra will continue to go forward from strength to strength in the years to come.